• SANS/IEC 61439

    We all rely on our Heart and Lungs to perform their function. But, if they had been built and manufactured to an industrial standard, who would you rely on for advice and verification that they met it?
    SANS/IEC 61439 is the standard series for Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies.
    If you need advice and assistance on the standard series, 3 Phase Design can provide guidance and technical support.

  • Unsure about product quality?

    Our specialist team can certify your panel quality and save your money from testing.

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    Unsure about product quality?
  • A problem with your panel?

    Our specialist team know perfectly the standards and suitable panel design. We can find the best solution for your problem.

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    A problem with your panel?
  • Lost with the standards ?

    Do you want to learn more on the standards? About IEC 61439?

    We propose our e-learning and on-site training to up date your knowledge and open new markets.

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    Lost with the standards ?
  • Testing a panel?

    Whatever the product design, we can offer a personal solution.

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    Contact us for design assistance.

    Testing a panel?
  • TransCalc, the app for simplify your conversions

    3 Phase Design create TransCalc, a free AppĀ to calculate three phase transformer full load currents and short circuit currents based on the ratings you enter.

    Pick up your free copy now for your device. Click Here!

    TransCalc, the app for simplify your conversions

Who are we?
A dedicated team of engineers offering technical training, advice and guidance. We are specialists in low-voltage switchgear(s) and controlgear assemblies.

What we do?
We can save you money, time and resources, while helping you open new markets and realise your business potential.

Using our expertise and experience. By listening to your specific requirements, we offer a program of consultancy, design and technical support and training that will help you reach your outcomes, achieve your goals.



Do you want to test?

From design stage all the way through to witnessing the testing, we can help you achieve success swiftly and in the most cost efficient way.

Do you have a problem?

Whether during testing or with day to day production, many manufacturers experience problems or issues. Temperature rise, short circuit, IP problems, over the years we have seen it all – and solved them!

Do you want to prove the quality?

We give an independent assessment that your panel is fit for purpose against international, local or sector standards and specifications.

Do you want to learn more about standards?

We offer training and consultancy on international, local or sector specific standards such as BS EN or IEC 61439.
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