If you are unsure of the most cost effective design and test solution, or you would like to have some independent design support, we can offer this in a clear and controlled manner.

Product design enhancement
Our highly skilled engineers can work with you to understand your desired design outcome. This will be balanced against the needs to the required standards and directives to ensure the final product is both cost effective, but also capable of being compliant.

Product verification
We know that testing and verification can be a confusing and time consuming exercise, to allow you to continue with your normal workload we can support you by project managing any areas of the process which you need help with. This can include anything from creating the test scope all the way through to checking the final report before it is officially issued.

Project Management
Managing the complete project can take a lot of weight from your shoulders, we are experts in knowing what needs done and the most efficient way to do it. The management of a verification project can include everything including arranging test quotations, reviewing alternative options, liaising with your production and the test lab to finalise test dates, organising transport and travel, basically anything that you need to ensure the smooth running of your product test and verification process.

Scope of tests
If you have not worked with us from the start, now is the time to generate a complete scope of tests, this will be used to ensure the final outcome covers your compliance needs. It will also allow quotations to be compiled by the test labs.

Design Checking
As part of the package, we offer a paperwork design review, based on what you plan to have tested, this exercise will allow you to tackle any design issues prior to putting the product into production. Our skilled engineers will match your design against the standards requirements and highlight any areas which may be an issue during testing.

Product inspection
After the test sample has been built, we will carry out a physical inspection of it, this further reduces the risk of issues when in test by seeing the product. We can use our knowledge to spot any potential issues, where rectifications can be made before the product is shipped out of your factory.

Witnessing of tests
We can support you over the test period by either having an engineer attend with you, or alternatively our engineers can work on your behalf at the test laboratory, giving you the freedom to only attend tests that you wish.

Should any issues arise during test, we can quickly review options and offer suggestions as to rework solutions, with our staff more than capable of carrying out alterations themselves if needed.

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