Product compliance can be a challenging area, particularly if you are not an expert in the absolute detail of the standards or directives being applied. This is where 3 Phase Design can assist you, giving support where you need it to be comfortable in the knowledge that the products in question meet the desired compliance levels.

Manufacturer compliance
If you know exactly which standards or directives you want your products to be compliant to we will firstly create a scope document, this will ensure that we can deliver the desired outcome.
If you are not sure which standards or directives apply to your product range, we will firstly gain an understanding of your products, then use our knowledge of standards to generate a short list of possible options. Once agreed these will be reviewed and a final scope document will be created noting the standards being applied

After creating the scope we can then begin the review process to map out the path to compliance

End user compliance questions
If you are an end user of a product and want to get a fully independent report on the compliance of products you have or are planning to purchase we can assist by working on your behalf as compliance experts. Working with you we will review the product in question against the requirements of its product standard and advise on any areas of concern. We can also be part of your Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) at the suppliers facility to ensure all areas of compliance are checked before the products are delivered to you.