Technical Support Packages


Independent specialist advice and guidance

Starting up a new business, or securing sustained technical expertise in your current business, can be difficult. You may find yourself in a circumstance where you need technical knowledge outside of your field, or require 3rd party advice on the necessary steps to comply with the relevant standards.

So, we came up with a plan to help businesses by offering industry knowledge from engineering experts, supplying on-going technical support tailored to your needs. We can assist you with specialist advice and solutions for products and components within the Low Voltage Directive, and offer guidance on relevant product standards to help you with your day-to-day operations or individual projects.

Unlike most supplier contracts, we offer flexible options that best suit your needs at a fixed monthly fee. So, for whatever degree of support you need, we can help provide a solution.

Each technical support tier comes with additional bonuses, including an expanded range of channels for you to talk to your technical expert- this could be by email, over the phone, or by leaving us a text. You will also gain access to discounts for other 3 Phase Design services when choosing a 12-month annual contract with us.

Technical Support Package Options

Standard technical support package



Access to indirect* services

Response within 24 hours Monday to Friday***

A full-year contract includes a 5% discount for other 3PD services.

    • Per month for 12-months: £250.00
    • Per month for 6-months: £260.00
    • Per month for 3-months: £275.00

Enhanced technical support package



Access to indirect* services followed by direct** responses if requested.

Response within 12 hours Monday to Friday***

A full-year contract includes a 7.5% discount for other 3PD services.

    • Per month for 12-months: £300.00
    • Per month for 6-months: £310.00
    • Per month for 3-months: £325.00

Premium technical support package



Access to both direct** and indirect* services

Response within 2 hours Monday to Friday***

A full-year contract includes a 10% discount for other 3PD services.

    • Per month for 12-months: £450.00
    • Per month for 6-months: £460.00
    • Per month for 3-months: £475.00

* Indirect communications are by email

** Direct communications are by online meeting services, instant messaging services or telephone

*** Normal business operating times apply to all packages:

    • Monday to Thursday 08:30 to 17:00
    • Friday 08:30 to 14:30

Initial Review

For us to offer the best technical support we can, it is important to understand your company’s capabilities and current levels of certification and compliance. We, therefore, suggest that an initial review takes place, this would generally be on a 1-day audit followed by a report for your reference.



Sometimes the support you need extends beyond just a simple  answer to a question. You may wish to utilise one of our additional technical consultancy services. As an additional benefit, our 12-month package contract comes with a discount on our other technical services.

Technical Support Package: What’s Expected


What we can offer you:

  • Support: We will work to the fullest extent of our abilities to answer your technical questions and offer the best solutions we can.
  • Responsiveness: We will ensure that we respond to you within the agreed timeframe and for the full length of the contact.
  • Confidentiality: We will ensure that all information given and discussed is kept fully confidential and only discussed by those employed by 3 Phase Design for the purpose of responding to your query.
  • Additional support: We shall advise you when your technical support package is approaching its end and discuss how a continuation of your package can best suit your needs.

What you should know:

  • Limitations: Even though we would like to answer your questions and support you to our utmost ability, there may be occasions that your query exceeds the scope of this service. Should this be the case, then we shall advise of the appropriate service to meet your needs.
  • Out of Hours: At the moment, we are only able to support you within our normal business operating hours (as detailed within the support description).
  • Continuation of service: We request that payment is made promptly and on time with your agreed payment method for your technical support package.


There are 3 payment methods available. This is decided in advance and should be followed throughout the agreed contract period.

  • Single advance payment: A Pro-forma invoice will be produced for the total cost of the agreed contract and the service will start once the payment has been received.
  • Monthly Pro-forma Invoice: A Pro-forma invoice will be issued at the start of the contract with further Pro-forma invoices to be issued monthly for the duration of the contract. Late payments may result in the service being put on hold.
  • Standing Order: You will arrange a monthly standing order payment to our account to cover each monthly instalment. This standing order should be set to run for the duration of the contract period. The support service will start once your standing order has been verified with the required information.

A Tailored Service, Connected To You


Consider joining our global support network today. To enquire how we can help with your business, feel free to get in touch with us and we will talk to you at +44 (0) 1159 784 652

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3 Phase Design Technical Support packages

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