Manufacturing compliance

After we have agreed the applicable standards or directives we will work to generate a Compliance Status Report (CSR). This report will be a building block for confirmation of product compliance.

Following the requirements of the product standard, we will review what data you have available to satisfy the needs to the standards. Areas which already satisfy particular clauses will be confirmed, leaving any outstanding performance criteria to be worked on in more detail.

Outstanding areas of compliance will be listed and a scope of works generated to give a clear and definitive list of non-conformances

Should your product meet all of the areas of compliance your Compliance Status Report will show this and allow you to generate your own product certification or alternatively we can offer an independent third party compliance certificate.

End user product compliance review

Should you have received product that you have concerns over whether it complies or is indeed fit for purpose, we are able to carry out compliance reviews or if more detailed assessments are needed, forensic investigations can take place to diagnose the potential areas at fault.

If you require our specialist competencies to review a product and act on your behalf as an expert witness, we can offer various solutions to meet your needs.