Technical support from 3 Phase Design

Do you ever have the need to talk to a independant specialist who have a world class knowledge of international standards & EU directives?

3 Phase Design can offer technical support in a variety of ways. If you require a one off support service you can book an appointment with any of our engineers. These services are done by a telephone or skype video.

You can book an sppointment with one of our engineers by clicking here.

If you will be requireing an ongoing techincal support service 3 Phase Design offers and number of simple and cost effective solutions to meet your needs. We can supply technical support packages for a fixed annual fee.


Basic: £250/month (annual contract)

We offer:
•Email support services
•Guaranteed 24 hour response.*
•Specific contact email address
•Highly trained support engineers

You benefit:
•Written response on your questions
•Known monthly charge with no limit to questions

Enhanced: £300/month (annual contract)

In addition to the Basic level
We offer:
•Guarantee a 12 hour response.*

You benefit:
•Quicker response time

Premium: £450/month (annual contract)

In addition to Enhanced level
We offer:
•Direct contact support services***
•Guaranteed 2 hour response.*
•Direct contact telephone & Skype addresses

You benefit:

•Ability to talk directly to our engineers
•Discount on additional services


Services covered by our 4 step program, including: Training, design review, Inspection and witnessing. Specific project based support .
The above services would however benefit from 15% reduction in the services charges for premium package customers.

Initial review:

To gain the best results it is important for us to understand your companies’ capabilities along with your current levels of certification and compliance.
We would therefore suggest an initial review of your company takes place. This would be based on a 1 day audit followed by a report.

Payment would be arranged via a 12 month standing order.
*: Normal business operating times apply to all packages: Monday to Thursday 08:30 to 17:00, Friday 08:30 to 14:30
**: Indirect communications would be by email.
***: Direct communication will be by Skype or telephone.

For more information, please contact us.